Microscale Technologies

Semiconductors & Storage

Microscale Technologies Microscale understands the Semiconductors & Storage industry from the core and we provide end to end Design and services on this domain.

Microscale’s offerings on generic semiconductor domain:


  • Board support package (BSP) for different platforms.
  • File system development ,testing for different platform.
  • Firmware, Device Driver, Bootloader, Middleware, Application software development, verification and integration for new and existing platform/board.
  • Pre-silicon verification services for different platform.
  • Third party software integration with existing and new platform.
  • End to end solution for test automation for different platforms.

FPGA Design & Development

  • ASIC Prototyping on FPGA platform .
  • Reset handling.
  • Multiple clock domains handling.
  • Architecture definition of FPGA system.
  • Design, development & debug on FPGA platform.

Silicon Validation

  • Board level Silicon Validation.
  • ARM system Validation .
  • DSP System Validation.
  • FPGA Validation.
  • Hardware Software Co-verification .

Microscale Technologies

Microscale Technologies

Microscale’s offerings on storage domain:

HDD & SSD: Host Protocol
  • CMD handler
  • PATA/SATA/SCSI/SAS CMD for both host and driver
  • PCie
  • NVMe
HDD & SSD: Core Protocol
  • Error Recovery
  • Defect Management/ Media Scan
  • Flash Management/Health Check
  • Format
  • Data Path Management
  • Performance optimization
HDD & SSD: CMD Protocol
  • Smart and Vendor Specific command
SSD: Control Protocol
  • Translation Layer (FTL)
HDD & SSD: Security Protocol
  • TCG
  • FIPS
  • IEEE 1667
HDD & SSD: Test Services
  • End to End Test service for HDD and SSD.

RAID Controller

A RAID controller is a hardware device or software program used to manage hard disk drives (HDDs) or Solid-state drives (SSDs) in a computer or storage array so they work as a logical unit.

  • RAID controller BIOS optimization, customization
  • UEFI BIOS, loader development, validation and maintenance
  • UEFI driver , EFI firmware, UEFI Application development, optimization & customization
  • Legacy ROM Option
  • SNIA Compliance support

UFS and eMMC

  • Command Management
  • Data path
  • NAND interface
  • Security Protocol (TCG,FIPS )

Microscale Technologies

Microscale Technologies

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Microscale Technologies


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